Unprecedented contribution by divers to shark science in Thailand

Divers commit to document every dive for 5 years


Scuba divers across Thailand have reported the sharks they see on every dive to eOceans - this includes dives where no sharks were observed. See results of this study posted HERE.

In 2012, this project was spearheaded by Shark Guardian, a non-profit education organization that operates in Thailand. This nation-wide project was instrumentally supported by dive guides, dive tourism businesses, and other community groups throughout the region. 

Thousands of dives. Thousands of hours. Both coasts.

Across Thailand, on both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand coasts, 9,524 dives were logged — for a total of 9,357 hours underwater.


Essential support by dive guides and dive shops.

Dive guides and dive shops were instrumentally involved in the process of this nation-wide census. Dive guides reported their observations to eOceans. As well, dive guides and dive shops encouraged visiting divers to participate by offering Shark Guardian educational materials, which included information on reporting their own observations to eOceans. 

Thousands of sharks. Including endangered species. Mostly as individuals. 

11% of all dives had sharks. 59% of 153 sites had sharks. 12 shark species were encountered - 67% as individuals. This includes 2 endangered species - leopard (or zebra; Stegostoma fasciatum) and whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). 


For science and policy.

Results are already being used by biologists, fisheries scientists, and managers to prioritize conservation strategies. This unprecedented effort demonstrates the desire of individuals to get involved, and the value of collaborative projects in support of marine science and conservation.

acknowledgements & Privacy 

eOceans wants to acknowledge every contribution made by every individual to this, and other eOceans projects - we appreciate every dive submitted. However, we are also committed to privacy. Please see acknowledgements in the paper

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